Line Striping Asphalt ServicesParking lot striping and re-striping is more than just adding curb appeal; it also increases the safety of the business environment. Parking lot marking help reduce accidents by providing structure and guidance. When a parking lot has defined spaces and traffic directives, customers are less likely to block entrances, sidewalks and intersections. It even creates a safer environment for pedestrians. Once you add markings to your parking lot, however, you will need to maintain them.

Parking lot lines fade over time, which is why you must re-stripe them regularly. Heavy traffic and severe weather also speed up the process. To keep the stripes bright and visible, you should have a company re-stripe them every 18 to 24 months. As long as the temperature is above freezing, workers can re-stripe your parking lot.

Parking lot striping and markings may last longer if the area has a low amount of traffic. For example, office buildings usually experience less traffic than restaurants or shopping centers. Locations that generate high volumes of traffic require more maintenance. If you fail to maintain the pavement markings on your parking lot, especially ADA (Americans with Disabilities) mandated markings, you could also receive unwanted citations from your local government.  It’s very common to strip the parking lot after applying asphalt sealcoating.